Of course, there is also a private person.

If there is still time besides family and some sports, I like to work with computers and gadgets, i.e. looking after one or the other website. In addition to my own "hand-made" site here, I would like to mention the fan site of the English band Heaven 17, whose music has accompanied me since the early eighties and which I have somehow stuck with since then.

Otherwise, I have discovered audio books for myself, especially while commuting in the car or on the train, I do support organisations such as Abgeordnetenwatch, Wikipedia or Foodwatch or participate in the Weilburger Schlosskonzerte or the Hessenpark Neu-Anspach.

After long and tiring days, I can wind down with mostly UK or US TV series or devour a preferably Franco-Belgian comic or lose myself in playing a sophisticated board game.
Gardening has also proved its worth, even if it's just mowing the lawn. It is just a matter of the pure number of square metres ... ;-)

I know the WELT, GEO, FOCUS or STERN not only from the shop, but the time to read them properly is usually very, very short...
#Servicetweet: Try reading a weekly published magazine four or five months after the publication date. A very interesting experience!