Born in 1964 the small city of Weilburg became my hometown. After graduating from high school and doing my military service, I started an apprenticeship as a banker at Commerzbank in Frankfurt and Pfungstadt in 1985.

After finishing the apprenticeship and a short stopover as a securities advisor at the Commerzbank branch in Hofheim, I turned my hobby "computers" (1987!) into my profession and was trained internally as a mainframe programmer.

I did not really leave this technical part of the banking business for the next 33 years and I took care of securities, OTC products and mainly exchange-traded derivatives systems worldwide as a technical and also functional subject specialist in various roles.

In 2020, after all the products I was responsible for or looked after were somehow "finished", I left the bank and have since then continued in the ETD area as a freelancer, either directly or on behalf of clients.


I have had many different roles in the last few years, primarily as a

  • Principal Software Engineer and as Business Analyst
    but also part-time or full-time in
  • Project Management
  • Group leadership
  • Product management
  • Architect in heterogeneous technical environments
  • Production implementation and supervision
  • Data modelling
  • Interface design
  • GUI/screen/report design
  • Process analyst and optimizer
  • Test manager including test execution and documentation
  • Chief developer
  • Mentor
  • Topic specialist technical and functional
  • Reviewer (code, test or documentation)
  • QA specialist or as
  • Author of manuals for end users and technicians


Methods I used or have even been certified in

  • Project management classic and agile (Kanban and Scrum)
  • Six Sigma (Yellow Belt certified)
  • ITIL V2 and V3 certified
  • Business Analysis (customer internal certification)


I have never really left the technical side but I am always a discussion partner of the business department at eye level.
I also find myself professionally in areas such as

  • Order management securities and derivatives
  • Static data systems customer data
  • Static data systems product data
  • Position management for securities and derivatives
  • Collateral monitoring
  • Margining international
  • Back office processing incl. corporate actions and exception handling
  • Rules for trading and commission trading
  • Regulatory reporting and taxes for securities and derivatives